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3 Cosmetic Surgery Options to Whip Your Eyes into Shape

Cosmetic Surgery Options

Cosmetic Surgery OptionsCosmetic surgery has reached an all-time high as fashion trends have grown and changed completely, thus leading to even weirder treatments and trends… like eyebrow transplants to help those who over-pluck and are sparse in some areas. And yes, that does say eyebrow transplant.

You don’t have to get too crazy to bring out the best in your face and eye area, though. Here are a few options to help whip those peepers into shape.

  1. BOTOX®

    Still one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, BOTOX® offers a non-surgical way to get rid of those crow’s feet and frown lines. There’s even such a thing as a BOTOX® brow lift that offers a subtle lift to your arches without needing cosmetic surgery.

  2. Brow Lift

    Of course, as long as we’re on the subject of brow lifts, an actual brow lift offers another great option to help your eye area look fantastic. Forehead lift surgery tightens lax muscles to bring a fallen, frowning brow back to its natural position and remove that permanently angry look from your face.

  3. Eyelid Surgery

    “There’s nothing sexier than droopy eyelids” said no one ever. Eyelid surgery, technically known as blepharoplasty, corrects droopy lids and gets rid of those bags under your eyes.

       Unlike BOTOX® which just handles wrinkles around the eye area, eyelid surgery addresses more structural issues. 

    But hey, if none of these legit options sound good to you, there’s always eyebrow transplants to fall back on.

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