3 BOTOX® Treatment Spots that Deliver the Biggest Benefit

Woman in white

Woman in White BOTOX® can be a wonderful cosmetic treatment for anyone who wants to look younger and subtly refreshed without surgery. Patients and cosmetic surgeons alike love that BOTOX® is quick and affordable and delivers results that lasts for months, all with no downtime. When deciding to get BOTOX®, here are three treatment spots to consider for the greatest impact.

  1. Frown Lines

    One of the first places most people begin to notice fine lines or wrinkles is right between the eyebrows above the nose. Like all dynamic wrinkles, these frown lines are formed over time as the muscles on the face repeatedly contract and crease the skin. Eventually, the creases will remain visible even when the underlying muscles aren’t contracting, and a wrinkle is born. BOTOX® essentially causes temporary paralysis of the responsible muscles, allowing both muscle and skin to relax as wrinkles smooth away.

  2. Crow’s Feet

    Wrinkles around the eyes, or crow’s feet, can be another great treatment area for BOTOX®. These fine lines can show your age and give your eyes a tired look. BOTOX® can help diminish crow’s feet and restore a more refreshed, well-rested appearance to your entire eye area.

  3. Forehead Lines

    Many facial expressions we commonly make cause contractions of the larger muscles that extend across the forehead. As you age, you’ll most likely notice horizontal lines begin to appear on the forehead, developing into deeper, more noticeable grooves over time. BOTOX® can help soften the appearance of these furrows for a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.

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