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3 Bizarre Ways You May Not Want to Get Bigger Boobs

Bigger Boobs

Bigger BoobsAs humans, our thirst for ingenuity is unquenchable, and that’s led to some pretty amazing developments. We have driverless cars, data that can travel at almost the speed of light and spaceships that explore the far corners of the universe. And we’re just as fixated on tinkering with our own bodies, which has resulted in some pretty wild ways to increase bust size.

  1. Transplant a Tumor

    Breast augmentation has been around for a long time. The first boob job was done back in 1895, long before silicone gel breast implants existed, so you might be wondering what, exactly, did the good surgeon use to boost the breasts? A tumor, of course.

    It turns out that the woman undergoing the breast enhancement had a non-cancerous tumor in her lower back, so the plastic surgeon just popped that in her breast pocket and called it a day. Unsurprisingly, this method of breast enhancement didn’t take.

  2. Perhaps You’d Prefer Some Paraffin

    If you’re ever having a bad day, be thankful you never had paraffin injected into your tatas. In the 1890s, if you didn’t have a tumor handy and you wanted bigger boobs, paraffin injections were your only option. Upshot? The injections looked good for a few years. But they were toxic as all get out and slowly killed the women who got them.

  3. A Little Cobra Venom Should Do the Trick

    During World War II, Japanese prostitutes injected a mixture of liquid silicone and cobra venom into their bosom to woo the GIs. Shockingly, this breast augmentation solution didn’t end well.

    If all these methods have piqued your curiosity, I’ve got some good news for you. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a proven way to boost breast size without implants and may be the perfect boobie solution for you.

        Fat transfer breast augmentation is a proven way to boost breast size without implants

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