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3 Benefits of Breast Implants for a Pear-Shaped Figure

Girl in underwear posing

Girl in underwear posingIf you have a pear-shaped figure, you probably have the kind of generous curves below the waist that slimmer figures often envy. However, a little extra boost in the breast area can offer three main benefits for those women who want transform that pear into a classic hourglass.

  1. Create a More Proportionate Look

    Pear-shaped figures have the benefits of curvy hips, but lack the matching bust line that could provide better proportions overall. Pear-shaped bodies tend to store fat in and around the lower body rather than in the breasts, making for an imbalanced upper and lower body. Breast implants can improve asymmetry and enhance your shape in just the right way to create a more proportionate look.

  2. Bring Out Your Hourglass Shape

    The hourglass figure is characterized by a trim waist that accentuates the voluptuous curves above and below. While breast implants won’t slim your waist down, augmenting your breasts can give the appearance of having a narrower waist by drawing attention upwards instead. Additionally, because a pear-shaped body can be difficult to dress, achieving an hourglass figure with breast implants can significantly expand your wardrobe options to flatter your new shape even further.

  3. Boost Your Self-Confidence

    With balanced body proportions and greater fashion variety, you’re more likely to enjoy the advantages of an improved self-image after breast augmentation along with a quintessentially feminine figure. Without the distraction of a disproportionate cup size, many women discover an added sense of confidence after getting breast implants that’s even more attractive than your physical assets.

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