3 Benefits of BOTOX® Beyond Wrinkles

3 Benefits of BOTOX

We’ve all heard of BOTOX®.3 Benefits of BOTOX It’s that scary neurotoxin that ladies use to treat wrinkles, right? Well, kind of. BOTOX® isn’t just one of the many ways to look younger without surgery. It was first developed as a treatment for muscle spasms. The proven medical benefits of BOTOX® are still very real and present. Here are three FDA-approved BOTOX® treatments that can provide relief in ways that you might not have imagined.

  1. Chronic Migraines

    Work, bills, your morning commute, sometimes it can all be such a flipping headache. Did someone say headache? That’s right. BOTOX® is an effective treatment for sufferers of chronic migraines. Injections are administered around the head and neck in 12-week intervals at recommended doses. The treatment can provide relief of symptoms for up to three months, proving more effective than a number of available drug treatments.

  2. Hyperhidrosis

    Hyperhidrosis may sound little a bit like a new line of sports drinks, but it’s not. In simpler terms, excessive sweating affects about 2 to 3 percent of Americans, leading to rapid dehydration, embarrassment and countless empty tubes of extra strength deodorant. Studies show that BOTOX® is effective at drastically reducing excessive sweating in more than 90 percent of patients. Results typically last from three to six months, providing up to an 82 percent drop in sweat production.

  3. Spasticity

    The initial purpose of BOTOX® was for the treatment of muscle spasms. Throughout its development research, it was found that BOTOX® can treat neck, facial and even eye spasms for periods of up to several months. Like all the other listed treatments, you will want to return for continued treatment but can expect substantial relief by turning to the big scary injection that turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

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