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3 Answers to the Eternal Muffin Top Question

Young beautiful smiling woman outdoors

Young beautiful smiling woman outdoorsCan’t get rid of that annoying bulge at the top of your belt? Desperate to decrease your waist size? If you’ve been rocking the Ab Roller for months with only the feeblest of results, you might want to ramp up the attack with a cosmetic procedure. Here are three of the most effective fat busting tummy treatments available:


The quickest, fat-meltiest, dress-size-shrinkiest procedure you’ll ever have over your lunch hour, UltraShape® uses high frequency ultrasonic waves to rupture the targeted fat cells. The fat is removed painlessly and thoroughly, with no need for recovery time because it’s entirely nonsurgical. Results take up to two weeks to become apparent, and the technique can slim you down up to two dress sizes.

For those of us with a slight layer of fat that’s marring an otherwise pretty flawless physique, UltraShape® could be the answer.


For targeted fat removal in quantities greater than what UltraShape® can provide, liposuction is probably your best bet. While UltraShape® is ideal for minor to moderate fat reduction in the upper and lower abdominal and hip areas, stubborn and large fat deposits can be removed with lipo, along with reshaping your contours.

Tummy Tuck

Sometimes the ingredients in a muffin top are more than just fat—saggy skin can also make its way into the recipe. If you have to tackle excess skin as well as fat, you might consider a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen, while simultaneously restoring muscle strength. Sometimes a tummy tuck is combined with lipo for even better results.

If your tummy pooch is preventing you from feeling slinky and sexy, investigate the different cosmetic options that will turn your muffin into a sizzling pancake!

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