3 Advantages of PowerLipo® Compared to Plastic Surgery

Sexy tan woman in bikini close-up isolated on white background

Sexy tan woman in bikini close-up isolated on white backgroundPatients who are unable to attain the trim, sculpted figure they desire through diet and exercise alone are often confused as to whether liposuction or more involved plastic surgery will give them the better results. In order to decide which method of body contouring is best for addressing your problem areas, it’s important to understand the benefits and limitations of the different available options.

  1. Dramatically Improves Body Contours

    For the right candidate, PowerLipo® is an ideal way to address specific problem areas because it gives the practitioner the ability to artistically sculpt and perfect the body’s contours. As long as the patient has good skin elasticity in the treatment area, the skin should be able to retract and conform nicely to the patient’s thinner, sleeker silhouette.

  2. No Scars

    Even when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, major surgery such as a tummy tuck or a thigh lift will inevitably leave behind scars. Even though most incisions are strategically placed and scars typically fade somewhat over time, they will always remain as evidence that a surgical procedure was performed. For patients who don’t have the loose, excess skin that necessitates body contouring surgery, PowerLipo® is a great alternative for removing fat and improving the body’s appearance without worrying about permanent scarring.

  3. Requires Less Downtime

    In recovering from a tummy tuck or similar procedures, a patient must plan on a significant amount of downtime from professional duties and personal obligations. Plastic surgery can be very invasive, so the body needs extra time to rest and heal. Alternatively, patients opting for PowerLipo® to improve their figure can return to many of their daily activities as quickly as one to two days after their appointment.

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