$200,000 Facelift? Let’s Light Some Money on Fire!

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100 dollar billsWould you pay $200,000 for a facelift? How about if you could use the same plastic surgeon as A-list celebs? Apparently, if you are Hilda Beck, 63, from Texas, you’d pay $230,000 for a facelift, to be exact. Ms. Beck traveled to New York to get a facelift (which also included a brow lift, eyelid lift and nose job) from the same “designer” plastic surgeon who performed Marc Jacobs’ facelift.

This scenario begs the question, “Do you get better results if you spend more on plastic surgery?” Did Ms. Beck really get $230,000 worth of plastic surgery, or did she simply overpay? I think we all know the answer here…

In short, the price and quality of a facelift aren’t necessarily correlated, and you absolutely don’t have to spend the equivalent of a house to get amazing facelift results. The key, however, is to know how to choose the best plastic surgeon for the job.

So, How Much Should a Facelift Cost?

To put the outrageous price of this woman’s facelift in perspective, the national average cost of a facelift is around $8,000 — albeit, that doesn’t include other fees for anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, hospital facility fees and medications. But still, that’s a far cry from a six-figure procedure, even accounting for price fluctuations based on location.

Even when combined with a nose job, the cost of this facelift doesn’t add up. The average cost of rhinoplasty is around $5,500 (again, not including additional fees), and you typically don’t pay full-price when combining individual procedures.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid choosing a plastic surgeon based purely on price, whether that’s an ultra-high or ultra-low price tag.

If It’s Not the Price Tag, What Am I Looking For?

While a price that looks too good to be true can be a red flag, the most expensive facelift you can find isn’t necessarily your best option, either. Instead of making your decision based on price alone, focus on choosing a reputable, experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeon for your facelift.

Chances are, if you follow these tips to properly vet your plastic surgeon, the price and quality of your facelift will be just right.

  • Verify medical credentials. Work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has ample experience performing facial plastic surgeries.
  • Look at before and after photos. These will give you a feel for the plastic surgeon’s “style” and eye for facial symmetry and balance.
  • Schedule an office visit. This will give you a chance to meet and talk with the plastic surgeon, but also to take a look around the office and meet staff members. You should feel welcome during your consultation and not pressured to book anything that day.

Trust your gut. Your consultation is also a great opportunity to see how well you “click” with the plastic surgeon. Does he or she seem trustworthy, honest and upfront, or does something seem off? Go with your instincts to get a second opinion if necessary!

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$200,000 Facelift? Let’s Light Some Money on Fire!
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$200,000 Facelift? Let’s Light Some Money on Fire!
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