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12 Breast Augmentations Isn’t Too Many Right?

Young blonde woman in poolOversized breast implants are having a moment. Exaggerated hourglass figures are all over Instagram, with butt-lifting leggings, waist trainers and mega boob jobs some of the popular features of our favorite influencers and celebs. 

BUT, there is a huge (pun intended) downside to jumping on board with this short-lived trend toward bigger tatas. Here’s why you might want to rethink supersizing your boob job in favor of a more balanced, natural look.

1. Safety First

The bigger you go, the more risks that are involved. Take English model Katie Price, who’s now had a whopping total of 12 boob jobs, with the last incident ending up in a botched job and a serious risk of sepsis. After boob job number 11, Katie says that one of her breasts “looked deformed,” leading her to boob job number 12 to get it fixed. 

You shouldn’t need 12 boob jobs to love your look. Like, seriously.

Is a fleeting trend toward massive mammaries worth putting your health, safety and the quality of your results at risk? Not sure about you, but I sure don’t want to have to go through 12 boob jobs just to get it right!

2. Stick out Like a Sore Thumb

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: oversized breast implants look fake and unbalanced with the rest of your body. A reputable plastic surgeon should explain this to you when picking your breast implants and help you choose a size that will be in harmony with your body. 

Going way too big can make you look like you’ve very obviously had plastic surgery, with an emphasis on the plastic part. 

On the other hand, moderately sized implants give you a smooth, au naturel look while still giving you that extra va-va-voom you’re looking for.

3. A Literal Pain in the Back

Real talk, having giant boobs is no walk in the park. Ask any woman who’s been gifted with naturally oversized tatas, and she’ll tell you about the shoulder, neck and back pain that comes along with it. 

At the end of the day, whether fake or real, very large breasts weigh significantly more than smaller or moderately sized breasts. All that weight constantly pulling downward on your shoulders can leave you with some serious pain and might even cause permanent red indentations on your shoulders where your bra digs into the skin. Ouch! 

Oh, and if you love an afternoon jog or a morning power walk, you might just find that those mega boobs get in the darn way of just about any exercise.

4. Serious Sagging

Last but not least, the weight of supersized breast implants constantly pulling downward will eventually lead to sagging and drooping. And the bigger they are, the faster this can happen. Sorry girlie, but there’s no way to stop the effects of gravity – at least here on Earth. So sit down with your plastic surgeon and come up with a stellar plan for a boob job that fits your body.

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12 Breast Augmentations Isn’t Too Many Right?
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12 Breast Augmentations Isn’t Too Many Right?
Should you get oversized breast implants? Beauty blogger RaveBabe dishes out four good reasons NOT to supersize your boob job when picking breast implants.
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